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About Bir

Bir is an interesting place, like most places on earth and beyond. You’ve most likely heard of Bir as Bir-Billing. So, Bir is now a pretty large area as most of us understand it and comprises of various villages and areas like Chougan Tibetan Colony, Bir Khas, Bhattu, Billing, Badi, Chauntra, Gunehar, Keori, Suja, etc. If you’re a tourist, you’re most likely to land up in Chougan near the Paragliding landing site and then explore the greater region. If you’re a local (someone from the cities who has relocated here or are a pakka Bir person), you know there’s much more to Bir than the Tibetan Colony and we all stand at a time when conscious steps need to be taken for a sustainable growth of Bir. And hence, this website.


Seasons in Bir

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring again 🙂

We live in unpredictable times and weather leads the way! Bir gets all seasons in full intensity; shivering cold in the winter months (November-February) with occasional rain (2019 winter was more like an extremely cold monsoon).

Monsoons are wet, very wet! (June end- Sept mid) and summers is when most of the tourists arrive and the sun is sharp but temperatures are pleasant (April-June). Spring (March) and Autumn (October) are the prettiest times with flowers and colours all around.

There’s another season in Bir- Paragliding Season! October and November is when hundreds of paragliders from across the world come to populate this little hamlet, Bir. And ofcourse, monks and nuns (owing to a score of Buddhist institutes) keep the vibes calm and serene throughout the year.

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What to do

In Bir?

All the things that you can do and see in Bir 🙂

  • Bir has come to be known for paragliding and especially after 2015 when the paragliding world cup was held here.
  • But there’s a lot more to Bir! Being a Tibetan colony, Bir is also a spiritual centre with lots of monasteries and centres for self-reflection.
  • A lot of young (by heart) people come over to Bir for adventure sports like cycling and trekking in the mountains!
  • We’re in the mountains and nature and land, farming has to be crucial. Tea, wheat, barley, rice, corn, vegetables and a bunch of other things are grown here but things are changing quickly!

About Bir United


The people behind Bir United.

This site was started in early 2019 when Jubin, Sohail, Sarasvati and friends moved from Dharamsala to Bir and collaborated with Ankush, Akshat, Kush, Swagata, Snigdha and others to put up a community platform for Bir. The website is a not-for-profit initiative and runs on donations from business owners or individuals who believe in such an idea. Sohail looks at the tech side of things, Jubin manages the content and the vision, while Ankush directs the operations. And Snigdha currently volunteers with Bir United, juggling between a bunch of activities. The site always looks for volunteers and is thankful to everyone who has or wants to participate. We’re open to all suggestions, feedback, collaborations.

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